Social Cycling Fan Manager

We give you Social Cycling Fan Manager, a more intense and participatory way of living the sport of bike racing. It is a project directed towards the creation of a global cycling professional team in which partners (fan managers) will have a decision-making capacity never seen before in the world of cycling, nor in any other sport.

The power of the individual, based on collective intelligence management schemes and the speed and capacity to form relationships offered by social networks, will lead us to new ways of understanding, enjoying and taking part in cycling.

Social Cycling Fan Manager opens a new door to this sport. Do not stay on the sidelines again, seeing the pack pass by fleetingly. This is a global project that will allow you to socialize with fans all over the world. Become a Fan Manager and feel proud of your own team!

This project will also help towards supporting the most disadvantaged regions in the world. We will start with the project "Central America… Positive and Alive."

There are now many more reasons to join in!


Pasión ciclista
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El proyecto Ciclismo Fan Manager será presentado próximamente + information

Trabajamos en los preparativos de la presentación de Ciclismo Fan Manager. De momento no podemos dar fechas, porque nos hallamos supeditados a determinadas cuestiones de carácter técnico, pero sí que estamos ilusionados...

Alpe D´Huez
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Llegó tu momento
Ciclismo Fan Manager ofrece nuevos alicientes a la afición de todo el mundo + information

Cuando decidimos poner en marcha este proyecto, no sólo lo planteamos como una nueva vía en busca de la élite del ciclismo profesional, que sumar a las muchas iniciativas que se surgen hoy en día en los cinco continentes, con mayor o menor fortuna...

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